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Preventing Injuries and Improving Performance Through a Functional Movement Screen

The 2 main causes of injuries in team sports are overuse and biomechanics (poor movement control). I often see these avoidable injuries that keep athletes off the field for many months at a time.

To help to identify athletes at increased risk of injury, I utilise a Functional Movement Screen  to identify weaknesses and asymmetries. The functional movement screen takes about 10 minutes to complete per individual and is currently utilised by the NFL, NHL combine, and the NBA (pretty popular in the States) to name a few.

Once an athlete has been taken through the functional movement screen, I provide each person with an individualised exercise program based on the results that takes 10-15 minutes for the athlete to perform 2-3 times each week (as a warm up before a gym session or training session). This will help correct these imbalances, reduce risk of injury and improve performance.

How it Works

By testing your movements in different fundamental movement patterns (such as the squat and lunge) that require a balance of mobility and stability, it is possible to see where weaknesses and imbalances are present. From there we perform some more specific tests to determine the cause of these issues and are able to prescribe some corrective exercises to prevent any of these issues from developing further.  A little more info can be found here.

Fancy Software

With advances in technology and cloud based software, we are able to compare the profile of one club against thousands of others of the same age playing at the same level. Also, each individual receives a personalised report, 4 progressive personalised corrective exercise programs (10-15 mins each), and a good idea about what their strong areas are and what they can improve upon. Please get in contact for sample reports and programs, and ways you can effectively implement an injury management and performance enhancement program.

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