We help you rehabilitate your injuries or conditions to allow you to return to the life you love. Following a functional assessment to determine your strengths (and limitations) we are able to provide you with a specific corrective exercise program tailored to suit your goals and needs. You will also be provided with a progressive loading program if you have bone (see blog here) or tendon issues (see here for hamstrings and here for hips), a variety of exercise options if this is important to you, and we will consider your lifestyle demands to ensure we can accommodate your needs while achieving your goals.

Some of my favourite conditions to work with include dickie knees (see blog here), ACL rehab (progressive protocol here), back pain (right here), as well as helping runners achieve their crazy goals through strength training and appropriate training plans (a few tips for you here and loads of free stuff for you here).

Injury prevention is my passion, so you will definitely be leaving with some easy to administer self-management strategies to make sure you continue to feel better after our time together. We use fantastic software to make accessing and following your exercise program easy (no more stick figures!). This includes photos and descriptions, and for any particularly confusing or technically challenging exercises, we film them and place them right here.

My obsession for injury prevention and improved community health has led to the development of grass roots programs that are targeted at reducing injuries in the workplace and in athletes. Through assessing peoples movement patterns, we are able to correct imbalances and improve strength, resilience and function. For more information on the workplace injury prevention programs, click here, and for more information on athlete movement screening and injury prevention, please click here (new website coming soon).

Please feel free to have a browse through the rest of our site filled with information, resources and videos for your benefit. If you think of something that you believe would benefit this community of ours, please send me a message via the contact us form here.

Our services

ARTS – ACL Return to Sports


Our 4 phase ACL rehab program is designed to return you to your chosen activity safely and smoothly. Progression is based on function, not time.


group exercise

Ideal for people wishing to improve their strength or aerobic fitness under the guidance of an exercise physiologist



Improve your strength and function while learning how you can best manage your back pain to allow you to enjoy the life you love.



A progressive, education based, strength and awareness program to prevent against lower limb injuries.



The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is used to assess for dysfunctional movement that can be restored with corrective exercises.



Stronger for longer is a progressive strengthening program for improved bone health and falls prevention.

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I exercise because the ability to move is a privilege. We are the lucky ones.

I exercise because it makes my body sing, because I am grateful for a body that loves to move, because my heart lifts me further along the trail around the next bend, because it makes me smile, because I love the warm tingles after my exertions.

I exercise because striving to achieve new personal bests and pushing myself to learn new skills (or improve old ones!) helps me build a confidence within me that translates to every other part of my life. Exercise is my therapy – it has given me back a headspace that I’m happy to spend time in and it gives me an outlet that results in the resilience I need to be able to maintain good mental and physical health. Oh and it is darn good fun too!!

I exercise for many reasons.  Strength, endurance and aerobic fitness increase the enjoyment of my favorite activities – surfing & skiing.  I also train to maintain muscle mass as I get older. Cycling for transport also ensures that I always arrive feeling happy!


I exercise to keep my mind focused and get the most out of my body.

When I am exercising I feel alive and healthy – my energy levels are higher and I am more productive with my time.

I exercise for my mental health, my friends, to be proud of how far I’ve come …

Exercise is a very simple and effective way to keep life in balance. A daily surf is still my favourite way to exercise as it keeps me active, healthy, centered and immersed in nature.

There are so many advantages to getting outside and living an active life. Exercise has the ability to place you in beautiful locations, meet inspirational people and give you a simple but powerful purpose.

Exercise can help protect us from stress-induced depression. It doesn’t need to be vigorous – a brisk walk each day can be beneficial.

Exercise changes your brain to be better at basically everything. Just a little bit of movement every day helps preserve the integrity of your brain’s white matter, making your brain functions faster and more efficient.

Merely meeting the guidelines for physical activity has been linked to a 36% reduction in mortality and increase in an individual’s life expectancy.

Exercise increases the level of serotonin in the brain, which helps regulation of mood, sleep, libido and appetite to name a few.

Exercise decreases your risk of the two most prevalent cancers.

I exercise for the energy boost and the mental clarity.

I don’t call it exercising. I call it moving and when you do it every day in some way, great or small, you simply live a better life.



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