Lifestyle Group Exercise Program

Our Lifestyle Program is focused on making sure you can get the most enjoyment out of life. Niggling injuries and chronic conditions often interfere with the activities and pursuits that we love and help motivate us to keep moving. We do not believe in restricting your activities, but prefer to help you to best manage your lifestyle to ensure you can enjoy life to its full!

The Lifestyle Program is run twice per week on Wednesdays and Fridays for 1 hour at 11am. Participant numbers are limited to 6 with each person prescribed their own individual exercise program. This is an ideal setting to monitor your technique for a new program, or gradually progress your exercises over time to ensure you continue to steadily work towards your goals. There are no contracts or obligations as we understand that life is busy.

group exercise

Suitable Participants

All are welcome to attend on a casual or more permanent basis (especially those that enjoy the social aspect!). Commonly we will have a combination of:

  • Post-menopausal woman seeking strength and improved bone density
  • Athletes returning from ACL surgery
  • Persons with diabetes increasing their blood glucose control
  • People with chronic conditions improving their strength and function
  • Older adults mastering their strength and balance
  • People regaining strength following surgery
  • Cancer sufferers and survivors restoring strength, weight, and function


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For more information on how the Lifestyle Program can positively impact your life or improve the well-being of your patients, please contact us below