The FMS is used to evaluate movement quality in 7 basic movement patterns. This assessment tool kit has been developed over years of sound science, innovation, and peer reviewed research. The 7 movement patterns require a balance of mobility and stability and place the individual in extreme positions where weaknesses and imbalances become noticeable.

FMS Certified Melbourne
overhead-squat FMS
hurdle-step FMS
in-line-lunge FMS
active-straight-leg-raise FMS
trunk-stability FMS

Benefits Of The FMS

  • A consistent and reliable testing method.
    • An easily repeatable assessment, the FMS makes it possible to quantify your progress over time.
  • Easily identifies movement limitations and dysfunction.
    • Based on your results, we are able to provide you with specific guidelines and recommendations of activities and exercises that you can perform safely.
  • Improves efficiency, durability, and performance.
    • By better understanding your body, you are able to improve your movement patterns.
  • Provides an enhanced foundation for exercise and performance programming.
    • The FMS develops improved movement awareness and helps to create improved movement patterns.

What Do We Know?

  • Poor movement can be a risk factor for injury and decreased performance. 
    • A score of <15 on the FMS = an injury risk score of >48%!
  • Must utilise a systematic approach for best results in injury prevention and performance.
    • A solid movement base is the strongest platform to then build y0ur performance training and finally your skill refinement.
  • Important to get fitness, medical community, and wellness working together.
    • The FMS is simply one piece of the health and wellness puzzle.
  • Move well, move often.

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