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Ain’t nothing gonna to break your stride

I love running. I love the simplicity of throwing on a pair of shoes, walking out the door and bam! You’re away. Winter seems to be the time when people start to lose motivation for the gym environment (getting up at 6am in summer when the sun in shining seems very different to 6am middle of the night winter). I have found that people are increasingly taking to the pavement or hitting the trails to improve their health, boost their fitness and stretch their legs. These are some simple tips on how to keep people happier on their feet, without coming unstuck due to injury.

The following video is a simple (not easy) series of movements to determine if someone is ready to turn their legs over, or if they need a little extra support and advice to keep them injury free.


Technology, the great motivator

Technology is designed to make our life easier, so why not make the most of it? To help keep people motivated I have put together a few videos that are simple to follow and offer running tips, advice, and cross-training ideas.

The first video is a series of 3 tips to get people to start thinking about their running form.

The second video is a series of mobility exercises that targets all the muscles that become notoriously tight in repetitive sports such as running.

3 Top Tips for Injury Prevention:

– Cadence
– Cadence
– CadenceA typical recreational runner averages a cadence of 150-170 steps per minute (spm), whereas elite runners manage at least 180spm. This has been shown to reduce forces on hip and knee joints, improve economy, and assist in treatment and prevention of common running injuries.

Other Running Help and Advice:


 – Parks Discovery (every national park in Victoria, lots of exploring)
– C25K (Couch to 5km). A progressive running program for the novice


– Running calendar. Every event in Australia. Excellent for goal setting
– Park Run. 8am EVERY Saturday, worldwide. A free 5km run. More than 20 locations in Victoria alone. Dogs and prams welcome.For more information on any of the above information, please feel free to contact me at
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